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Digital Footprint

The information about you that exists on the internet as a result of your online activity.

Our technicians can help you understand and protect your digital footprint.

Social Media

Information technologies that allow the sharing of content, views, and opinions.

Our Acceptable Social Media service guides you through protecting your social presence.

Online Behaviour

Online behaviour often differs from in person or real life behaviour, in some form.

Our Edu-vice service reinforces legal and socially acceptable online behaviour.

Mental Health

Adverse issues arise from changes in digital reputation and the impacts of cybercrime.

Our technicians are trained to refer you to partner agencies, if you need more than our help.

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Our Services

Victim Support & Recovery

Supporting victims of cybercrime from a technical aspect.

Digital Separation

Supporting people after separation from a technical aspect.

One-2-One Advice

Helping you understand your online presence.

Edu-vice Program

Educational advice for public and private organisations.

Acceptable Social Media

Advice on how to improve your social media presence.

Scam Checker

Helping you spot scams and suspicious content.

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