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About Us

SaferOnline is a decentralised small charity providing advice, education, and support to victims, and potential victims, of cybercrime. We are currently an all volunteer service in the process of CIO registration.


Since 2014, we have been providing advice and support to communities as a local non profit organisation. 2020 saw a massive 427% rise in requests for help with online safety and security issues. This rise in requests has meant we simply could not provide the level of support required to meet demand, and our team agreed that we should continue as a charitable incorporated organisation.


Police and Councils have identified cybercrime as a serious emerging trend (some councils identify it as their only emerging trend). We know from our own work that many real world crimes have a deep digital bond; early intervention and support can help prevent serious crime.


SaferOnline has built an amazing pool of technical ability, providing free, impartial advice and guidance, to help digital recovery from the devastation of cybercrime. Our technicians and advisors have built a positive set of programs to enable guidance to repair digital accounts.  Under no circumstances do we ever ask for login information or passwords.


Be it scams, fraud, or hacking, we will always try to help in simple, non-technical terms.  We tailor our support program to you personally, to give you the best advice to restoring a healthy and secure digital footprint.


While we guide you back to digital security, we may also offer or recommend partner agency referrals.  We feel this compliments the technical side of our work and can help maintain positive mental health.


Our partner agency referral offers are completely optional, but we ask that you consider them as cybercrime can be very stressful for families and friends, as well as the victim themselves.  Our partner agencies offer a variety of support for your mental wellbeing that we are not in a position to provide.