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Edu-vice Program

“Prevention is better than a cure.”

Our Edu-vice program teaches people about different forms of cybercrime, their effects, and how they can be better online.

We provide short Education & Advice sessions to educational bodies, community groups, and youth support groups.

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 Our program:


We start with a brief introduction about SaferOnline, and how we support people through our services.


We engage with the group, before the session, to gain a baseline understanding of cybercrime.

Digital Footprint:

We give a simplified introduction about digital footprints, covering both voluntary and involuntary residual data.


We explain common types of cybercrime and what we can do to help.

– Hacking:
Explaining the term, giving examples, and discussing why.

– Scams:
Understanding common practices, and what action to take if a suspect email or message has been received.

– Bullying:
Explaining online bullying and it’s effects.

– Stalking:
Stalking in a digital environment; we discuss the methods we use to support victims.

– Racism:
We discuss how casual slurs and deliberate racism are serious issues that need addressing.

– Domestic Abuse:
It is an unfortunate fact that controlling/abusive relationships can also exist in the digital world; we look at this and discuss how it can be addressed.


A closing Q&A session, with an explanation on how to refer into our organisation.


The completion of our program.