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My email was hacked and was sending to all my friends.  I couldn’t even log in to it anymore.  I didn’t know what I could do these new services confuse me when they are working.  So I had no hope now.

I received a call from a very clever young man from SaferOnline.  My grandson had made a referral.  He spoke to me calmly and simply.  I actually understood what he was saying.

Using my mobile phone we managed to gain access to the email.  Under his guidance I managed to change the password and setup up two thingy something.  Which should make things a whole lot harder in future.

Finally we wrote an apology email and sent it to everyone who have received a recent email from my account explaining what had happened.

I was really grateful for all the advice on links in emails.  I won’t be clicking on them in future!

Email Hacked