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I was in a bad place.  Different people were sending me horrible messages about my new partner.  It was relentless.

I was recommended to call SaferOnline by a work colleague.

I used the referral form to self refer.

Within an hour they called me back, helped me setup a video call, and shortly after we was talking face to face with a real person.  I forget the persons name, but he was very good at explaining each step.  He never asked me for my account details or passwords, just talked me through the steps.

In total it took three calls because we broke for food and toilet breaks, but after several hours we had collected enough information to present to the police as harassment.  The police was very impressed with the information.

It turned out all the different people was just one person, my partners ex.  He now isn’t allowed to contact me or her.

We finally have peace.

Well deserved thanks!