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Victim Support & Recovery

We, here at SaferOnline, know it can be hard asking for help, especially after experiencing some form of cybercrime.

That’s why we’re here to offer non-judgemental care and support.

Whether recorded as a crime or not, we will help you restore and secure your accounts, to prevent similar repercussions.

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After we’ve guided you through restoration, and you are confident your online presence is secure, our technicians (if requested) will be happy to give you brief follow up calls or emails, to make sure everything is still working fine, and to answer any questions you may have.

You are welcome to request as many follow up calls/emails as you require to feel confident once again.


This service accepts referrals from the Police and Councils, as well as direct from the public.  We also welcome self-referrals.

SaferOnline understands that cybercrime is incredibly stressful and, whilst we work to reduce that stress, we will offer to refer you to partner agencies who may offer additional support we are unable to give. These offers are completely optional and can be declined without consequence.

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We support victims of: