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Our Vision

“To be a leading, independent, sustainable, and highly effective organisation that is raising awareness of and supporting the victims of cybercrime throughout the UK.”

This statement is more about what we aspire to – we aim to meet this vision in all we do, so that we can best support the people who need us most.

Our Mission

“For the public benefit and assistance of people in need throughout the United Kingdom who are the victims of, or potential victims of, cyber-crime, online bullying, or online harassment, by supplying them with support, advice, and education on reclaiming and securing their digital profile.”

This mission is worded so that it meets the standards of the Charity Commission and gives a very broad overview of the overall aims of SaferOnline.

Our Values

  • Community – Knowing and supporting our online digital communities.
  • Respect – Valuing everyone as an individual.
  • Opportunity – Having a range of options to choose from.
  • Hope – Knowing things will work out.
  • Developing Potential – Overcoming barriers to individual achievement.
  • Raising Awareness – Talking about digital presence and acceptable use.


SaferOnline is an independent charity. We have very high standards, and a network of experiences and knowledge to meet your needs.